Our employment partnerships are a key to the program’s success. As an Employment Partner, you will bring our candidates on site for two days, with the intention of hiring 2-5 candidates of your choice at the end of the program.
A Two-Day Test Drive

During your time with our candidates, you will be able to educate them on the roles you are looking to fill. Give your current teams an opportunity to work alongside and get to know our candidates during shadowing periods. This allows candidates to become engaged with your workforce for two days so you, and the candidate, can better understand the “fit”. You can also choose to give candidate teams a real-time project or case study to solve and present at the end of their two-day visit.
In addition to the training and job insights, you will be encouraged to host, and attend, a networking event. This event serves two purposes; allow the candidates to sharpen their networking skills and allow you to get to know the individuals better before making any hiring decisions.

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Partner Benefits

Two-Day Test Drive. Get the chance to interact and review each candidate for two days before deciding if you would like to bring them on to your team.
Solve Real-Time Problems. Assign a case study, or current problem within your company. At the end of day two, all candidates will present their solutions.
First Chance to Hire. Our Employment Partners will get the first chance to hire our candidates upon graduation.
Be the Example. Be the difference between employers who say they are Veteran friendly, and those who actually are.
Staff Your Team With Top Leaders.  The U.S. Military trains top leaders to make instant, impactful decisions through innovative thinking and processes.

Become a Partner

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