How We Are Different
The military to civilian transition has become a hot topic in many Veteran friendly businesses and organizations. There is an overwhelming recognition that this transition is in need of assistance. While many organizations claim to be the best, The Catalyst has a unique approach to looking at this transition holistically. Through offering a a mix of classroom education, on the job training, military-lead courses and a strong focus on networking, we are able to not only address the high-level professional skills, but also dive deeper to strengthen your confidence and address many of the mental and emotional needs during this transition.
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Hear It For Yourself
Zach talks about how he overcame his biggest challenge during his transition into the civilian workforce. ​​

What You Will Learn

Our curriculum consists of classroom learning as well as hands on, real-world problem solving. We will teach you how to apply your existing skillset to corporate requirements by:
  • Networking 
  • Creating a personal brand
  • Translating terminology to the civilian world
  • Understanding corporate culture
  • Highlighting the strenghts and skills you already have 

The Ideal Candidate

You  already have the skills now join us as we translate them into the needs that civilian corporations are looking for.

An ideal candidate for The Catalyst has the following qualifications:
  • Strong leadership skills
  • An undergraduate degree or equivilant military experience (E5 or higher)
  • At least one deployment (ideal but not necessary)
  • Something unique, such as certifications, awards or acheivements.

If you have these qualifications and want to join a future class, apply now.